Cowardice and it’s major downfalls…

As I sit here all alonely, I ponder how the feeling of cowardice has prevented me from living my life to the manner I would like it to. This is most prominent in my handling of admitting my feelings. For some reason I have the hardest time when I attempt this. For some people I know this is simple and is just something that they can do.

For others like me,  they find it to be a difficult and daunting task which proves a psychological wall for pursuing the people that make us feel happy and like we mean something to someone special.

Sure call me a hopeless romantic but I (after convosations with others) believe that there is someone out there for us all but they may pass us by so we have to be careful to catch them as they pass-by and say ” Hey how are you doing, Do you fancy doing something?”

Thanks for reading, hope it helped any that needed it and good night.


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